May we introduce ourselves?

How? You're not familiar with us yet? Well, it's time to change that! We are Sushi Supply by Sashimi Sushi , and we have made our mark on Hamburg's history. Well, at least when it comes to sushi. After all, we were the first ones to introduce a sushi store to the market.

That was back in 1997, and we've been here for you ever since. While others may age, we remain young at heart and committed to providing you with the best sushi experience. We are innovative and always keep up with the times, but we never disappear! That's probably the reason for our success. So, visit us when you're in Hamburg!

The fact that we always have fresh fish is not just because we are based in Hamburg. We carefully select only the best ingredients for our stores. We love our job and we are the pros when it comes to freshness, quality, and optimal preparation!

We were Hamburg's first sushi provider!

We opened our first location in 1997 in the Wandelhalle of Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (main train station). And it's still a hit to this day! It didn't take long for us to open our second sushi store in 1998 at Hamburg Airport in the departure hall at Gate C15. In 2003, we also opened a store in the arrival hall of the airport. Later on, we established ourselves on Hamburg's popular shopping street, Mönckebergstraße. So whether you arrive in Hamburg by plane or train, you can find us - without a doubt!

Since our opening, a lot of water has flowed down the River Elbe. We have weathered the stormiest times and are still here. This is due in no small part to our company philosophy, which defines us. It has allowed us to prove our resilience in times of crisis and look positively towards the future.

Fast food will always have its place in our society. Sushi and poke bowls have found a special place within it - they are not only delicious but also healthy. Health food is important to us, just like it is to you.

We understand how exhausting traveling can be, and that's why we at Sushi Supply are your haven of tranquility. We offer you the best quality so that you can recharge your energy. Or we can provide you with quick snacks if you're too busy. We have prepared well over 10 million sushi and sashimi dishes - we are the experts in this Japanese delicacy!

And we don't want to withhold the Hawaiian variation from you either. The delicious poke bowls are super trendy, visually appealing, and have captured our hearts in no time. We have designed different poke bowls in various styles for you - there's something for every taste!
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We have prepared well over 10 million sushi and sashimi dishes - we are the experts when it comes to this Japanese delicacy!

We understand how exhausting traveling can be, and that's why we at Sushi Supply are your sanctuary. We provide you with the best quality so you can recharge and regain your energy. Alternatively, we offer quick snacks to keep you fueled if you're busy.

We at Sushi Supply are aware of our responsibility.

We prioritize sustainability, and we hope you're on board too. Don't waste food; that would be a shame, especially with our sushi. Our packaging is clean and biodegradable. Even Greta has visited us - of course, at the train station!

Feel free to bring your own container when you visit us, or take our food in a REBOWL from Recup, with a deposit. Together, we support the fight against climate change. Of course, our regular packaging is also environmentally friendly.

And if you want to make a real bargain while supporting the environment, help us prevent food waste. For this purpose, we offer you our "Nofoodwasting" promotion during the last hour of opening hours at our locations in the train station and Mönckebergstraße.
Supply Sushi can come to you too!
Home is where it tastes the best, right? Then order our sushi or bowls for pickup or delivery. Just visit our shop and choose your dish or create your own menu. You can also find us on Wolt and UberEats.

And if you're planning a big event, how about catering from us? We add the extra flair that every party deserves! You can even have one of our chefs present at your event. Your guests will be delighted!

Multikulti is not an insult

Our team at Sushi Supply is as diverse as you are. , and we're proud of it. That's why we bring you the soul food of a foreign culture to your table. We believe in the power of diversity and embrace the multicultural lifestyle.

We see multiculturalism as an opportunity, not as an obstacle. Together, we can achieve a lot. Getting to know different cultures not only promotes integration and understanding but also provides an opportunity to merge synergies. And we can all benefit from this. As a team, and you from our work!