Corporate Mission Statement

We at Sushi Supply are more than just any sushi restaurant! We were the first on the market in Hamburg in 1997 and have remained strong throughout all times and crises. Our ship has sailed through all weather conditions and always arrived safely in the harbor. We are proud of this achievement and know that we owe it to our corporate mission statement.


Our vision is to connect people through our healthy and exotic cuisine and embrace the ever-changing times with interest and curiosity, embracing all the innovations and challenges that come our way. We strive to fully embrace sustainability within our means and promote diversity and a harmonious coexistence of cultures, as it is part of our responsibility.


Our mission is:

  • To continuously assess and improve our performance in achieving our goals.
  • To provide you with the best quality and source ingredients locally whenever possible.
  • To actively combat food waste and set an example for our industry.
  • To reduce energy consumption, minimize waste, and contribute to the fight against climate change through the use of eco-friendly materials.
  • To offer a culinary journey that celebrates diverse cultures and fosters respect and appreciation for them.


In diesem Sinne stehen wir, Sushi Supply by Sashimi Sushi, für folgende Werte:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Acceptance and openness
  • Reliability
  • Critical ability

We believe that only the combination of these values can lead us positively into the future, just as these values have guided us through the past. They have proven to be our recipe for success, perhaps even the most successful bowl we have ever brought to the market!

At this point, we would like to express our gratitude to each and every employee who has been a part of our journey, whether they are still with us or not. We also remember those who may no longer be with us. At Sushi Supply, no one is forgotten.