Our efforts for the climate

Sustainability is a top priority for us, and we make every effort to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. Our Sushi Supply stores are designed to be energy-efficient and minimize waste. We strive to source our products locally whenever possible, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Additionally, we are committed to combating food waste by implementing strategies to minimize excess food and properly manage leftovers. By prioritizing these practices, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future and reduce our environmental impact. We continuously evaluate and improve our processes to align with our sustainability goals. Through these efforts, we hope to inspire others and create positive change within the food industry.

To address the issue of climate change, we focus on the following three pillars:

  • Regional Sourcing
  • Resource Conservation
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials

We constantly review our goals and try to improve where we can. Included we also work together with partners from the environmental sector and also do our own research for programs that may be of interest to us.

Ecologically and economically sustainable

We prioritize sourcing our products locally whenever possible. When it comes to our fish products, it's important for us to avoid contributing to overfishing in the oceans. That's why we exclusively source our fish from farms that uphold the highest standards of water quality.

When selecting our vegetable ingredients, we prefer locally grown organic produce whenever feasible. We place great emphasis on finding a balance between quality and minimal environmental impact during our purchasing process. We are willing to invest more in order to prioritize both ecological and economic sustainability.


Nothing is wasted with us

Especially the gastronomy stands out negatively due to food waste. It is easy to counteract this. We pay close attention to the quantities that we buy. Every gram that we have to throw away hurts us. That's why we prefer to make the extra effort to calculate what we really need and buy more instead of storing too much. At the same time, you benefit from better freshness of our food.

And what was produced too much in the evening, we get rid of at half price with our Nofoodwaste campaign. Every day in the hour before closing time you can benefit from this and at the same time help us to avoid waste. Each self-made product is sold with a 50% discount. So feel free to stop by and support us in the fight against food wasting!

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We have prepared well over 10 million sushi and sashimi dishes - we are the experts when it comes to this Japanese delicacy!

We understand how exhausting traveling can be, and that's why we at Sushi Supply are your sanctuary. We provide you with the best quality so you can recharge and regain your energy. Alternatively, we offer quick snacks to keep you fueled if you're busy.

All of our disposable packaging is completely environmentally friendly.

We do not burden the environment with non-biodegradable plastic that takes centuries to decompose. We have removed artificial packaging from our product range, thus making our contribution to the environment.

You are welcome to bring your own container when visiting us. Additionally, we participate in the Recup program, and we offer the convenient REBOWL bowls as part of this initiative. You can obtain a REBOWL bowl by paying a deposit of 5 euros. Simply take the bowl with you, enjoy your meal, wash it, and return it. By using a REBOWL bowl, you can help save up to 500 single-use containers.

Our climate promise

Since our beginnings over 25 years ago, much has changed - including our awareness. We will continue to drive these changes within our capacity and remain open to innovation. If an opportunity arises to become even more sustainable, we will seize it.

We hope to serve as an example for our gastronomic competitors to follow. And we're pretty sure that Greta Thunberg would appreciate our commitment. After all, we have had the pleasure of welcoming her as a guest!

Do you have more ideas and suggestions? We are always open to hearing them. Simply send us an email at office@supplysushi.de